Thursday, February 5, 2015

History Day #5

Students of LOMS are getting prepared for History Day. For those who don't know what History Day is, it is a day celebrating the people or creations  of History. Their theme this year is Leadership and Legacy in History.  The students have been collecting primary and secondary sources and researching about their topics. History Day starts on March 3rd which includes various of exhibit, websites, performances, and documentaries.   This project not only effects their History grade but also their English  grade. The History teachers have collaborated with the English teachers and decided to make this a  2 for 1 grade.

Measles at The Happiest Place on Earth #4

California Officials have stated that measles have had an outburst throughout California, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Colorado and Mexico. About 4 dozen victims were diagnosed with measles which had started at Disneyland. Many of the patients are yet, to be treated. 

The outbreak in Disneyland first started with 59 cases before it got to the other states.By the year 2000 the US was declared to be measles-free. But that is not the case here. Most of Americas children are vaccinated but the ones who were diseased were not. 

Disneyland may not be so happy anymore.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Lady Lions First Story #3

LOMS very own Lady Lions headed to Lewis Middle School for their first game of the season on January 6, 2015. Both teams played very well and won by at least 20 points. 

During the  8th Grade game many injuries were called. One witness reported that throughout the first quarter one girl , #15, claimed that her finger was broken as she ran up to the coach, crying. Some people said that they could see her bone sticking out. No one knows for sure, but they think it was done by a player on the the LOMS team with the number of 31. 

Another injury occurred during the third quarter. Picture this,  Kennedy, a player from LOMS,  was at the free throw line, shooting her second shot. She missed her shot and the two players on the right. that were closest to the hoop collided, ending up with the player from Lewis with a bloody nose. The ref. took a brief time-out to wipe up the blood. 

The last injury was in the last quarter. LOMS was playing hard defense. As a guard tried to pass back to the point guard, Grace came in and stole the ball. Two of their players tried to catch up to her one slipped and fell to the ground. She said that she had rolled her ankle and was excused from the game. 

LOMS Lady Lions are considered dangerous people. Who would of thought girls can be 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sharks at MDO #2

A man surfing on the Central California coast was pulled  under water by a great white shark which had bitten in the hip on Sunday, December 28, 2014,  around 11:30 a.m.   Before he could paddle to shore, where he received help from two doctors who happened to be on the beach, a witness said on Sunday. 

The victim, who lives in the San Luis Obispo area and was surfing with a friend, and was bitten on his right hip. He was treated by a medic who happened to be visiting the beach before being transported by helicopter to a local hospital. The injuries caused by the shark were not considered life threatening.

Witnesses described the white shark as between eight to 10 feet in length and identifying it as a juvenile. "Though great whites are common in the area and are spotted multiple times during the course of the year, attacks like this are rare," Colligan said.
Despite the incident, the beach remained open. Signs will be posted warning the public of the shark’s presence, remaining in place for three days.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Battle of the Gym #1

For the past three weeks, 8th Grade Girls Basketball Team has had the latest possible practice which is from six p.m. to eight p.m. The reason for this is because boys season has just started so they use the gym for practice or games. Also, the seventh grade girls team has the gym booked from five to seven p.m. which leaves them with six to eight.
Parents are getting concern for the eighth grade girls because of the lack of sleep and rest. Sandy, mother of Kennedy, also a player on the team, said and I quote, "Are the eighth graders going to switch with the seventh graders, just to give them a good night sleep?" 
Head coach of the girls team, Vicki has been collaborating with the boys coach, Marjoe to work on the new schedule. Although the boys season is just starting, the girls is just around the corner.
Players on the girls team have been studying up later that usual to do homework and projects. The girls energy is slowly going down throughout the late practices.
 All this is starting to come to an end, Coach Vicki has stated that in the month of January, the eight graders will have earlier practice. The basketball players are very relieved. 
The Battle of the Gym has come to a compromise. THE GIRLS ARE HAVING AN EARLIER PRACTICE! Finally, the eighth grade girls will have a better sleep.