Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Battle of the Gym #1

For the past three weeks, 8th Grade Girls Basketball Team has had the latest possible practice which is from six p.m. to eight p.m. The reason for this is because boys season has just started so they use the gym for practice or games. Also, the seventh grade girls team has the gym booked from five to seven p.m. which leaves them with six to eight.
Parents are getting concern for the eighth grade girls because of the lack of sleep and rest. Sandy, mother of Kennedy, also a player on the team, said and I quote, "Are the eighth graders going to switch with the seventh graders, just to give them a good night sleep?" 
Head coach of the girls team, Vicki has been collaborating with the boys coach, Marjoe to work on the new schedule. Although the boys season is just starting, the girls is just around the corner.
Players on the girls team have been studying up later that usual to do homework and projects. The girls energy is slowly going down throughout the late practices.
 All this is starting to come to an end, Coach Vicki has stated that in the month of January, the eight graders will have earlier practice. The basketball players are very relieved. 
The Battle of the Gym has come to a compromise. THE GIRLS ARE HAVING AN EARLIER PRACTICE! Finally, the eighth grade girls will have a better sleep. 

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