Thursday, February 5, 2015

History Day #5

Students of LOMS are getting prepared for History Day. For those who don't know what History Day is, it is a day celebrating the people or creations  of History. Their theme this year is Leadership and Legacy in History.  The students have been collecting primary and secondary sources and researching about their topics. History Day starts on March 3rd which includes various of exhibit, websites, performances, and documentaries.   This project not only effects their History grade but also their English  grade. The History teachers have collaborated with the English teachers and decided to make this a  2 for 1 grade.

Measles at The Happiest Place on Earth #4

California Officials have stated that measles have had an outburst throughout California, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Colorado and Mexico. About 4 dozen victims were diagnosed with measles which had started at Disneyland. Many of the patients are yet, to be treated. 

The outbreak in Disneyland first started with 59 cases before it got to the other states.By the year 2000 the US was declared to be measles-free. But that is not the case here. Most of Americas children are vaccinated but the ones who were diseased were not. 

Disneyland may not be so happy anymore.